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Live (occasionally death) Boxing streams, lovingly cooked by our master cheff and brought to you by the Big Lazy Panda (nickname of our main programmer). Box and other martial arts are one of the most kinky categories on this web. Enjoy. That's an order!

Short history of Box: Long time ago in a pub far far away there were two drunk men. One was Mike Tyson and the second one was Muhammad Ali. They were arguing about a size of a box full of old stinking socks. At some point, Mike got really pissed off and he threw the box at Muhammad. They started to fight, but suddenly they noticed other people in the room are betting on who is going to win this fight. So Mike and Muhammad decided to make money from fighting and this is how Box was invented.

Boxing is fun. Especially for someone who is only watching it. Get another beer and wait for next round. Boxing online sponsored by